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novembre 01, 2012

A&F Dublin

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août 18, 2012

Savini, 1867, Milano.

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What good memories in that note, I'll tell you about a wonderful restaurant! I went with my father to eat in this restaurant, "Savini." The food is really delicious, the service is completely perfect.

(It pushes you squarely chair when you sit down) It is very well located in the center of Duomo, Milan. I have admitted that prices are high .. much! But it's worth it because it is .... fantastic!

=> http://www.savinimilano.it

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août 16, 2012

New York Magazine

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Founded in January 2010, New York Here is the first French magazine devoted exclusively to New York. This online magazine firmly angled "life style" allows you to track all the cultural events of the city (exhibitions, shows, art galleries ...), all the latest in shopping, restaurants and outputs and the latest trends in New York.

               Do not miss the Big Apple!

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=> http://www.cnewyork.net/magazine/

août 11, 2012

Perez Hilton

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=> http://perezhilton.com   (Gossip website)


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